Hola a todos los usuarios que nos visitan los doy la bienvenida a este sitio, nuestro objetivo es hacer que EUROPE la banda sueca de hard rock venga a tocar a nuestro país. Por lo que les agradeseria su cooperacíon para que este sueño se haga realidad

ATTE: Hikari Norum

jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Nearly forty groups in the clothing to Europe festival Ordes

It is the first time the legendary Swedish group includes Galicia in its world tour.

Ordes waiting another year-and there are already five in a row, a minimum of 25,000 people for the festival Brincadeira, an appointment in the summer musical inexcusable northwestern Spanish. Is scheduled for 11, 12 and 13 August at the fairgrounds. There will be two stages to accommodate the nearly forty groups that will support the stellar performance of the legendary Swedish group Europe for the first time, includes Galicia in its world tour in the only performance in Spain.

Besides the two scenarios, there will be a tent for the seventeen specific programmed disc jockeys, a demo contest and various side events, as well as a camping area located in an enviable natural environment which are also public pools Ordens. The camping area, in fact, holds more than five hundred stores. The official website of the festival,, allowing direct access to the purchase of fertilizers through Ticketmaster. The new promotional offer for the payment of three days is now only twenty-five euros for a small fee depending on the organization, the Association of Hospitality and Concello under the management and coordination of the company Audiovisual Iceberg.

Swedish band Europe-author of hymn music as The Final Countdown, Carrie or Rock the Night-Ordes land on his latest album, Last Look At Even, praised by both critics and fans.

Just in the last two years the festival was able to consolidate their prestige Brincadeira through the claim group and established artists.

Thus, the role two years ago was done by a tacky superfiesta animated by renowned disco group Boney M, Rumba Tarumba, Chico Trujillo, kastom and viruses, among others. Last year the festival hosted a special performance by the Orquesta Mondragón, legendary band led by Javier Gurruchaga, precisely Ordes presented his latest album, General Machinist. Were also Sinister, Sex Museum or Gualitxo. The poster for this year is not minor.

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