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sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Kee-Marzell-published a book-and-a-MONUMENTAL - mess-with-EUROPE

The following article appeared Oct. 9 in the middle Swedish Aftonbladet.

His career took off like a rocket in the 80's. From the outside, clean EUROPE was a band without major scandals, but inside, so fat lines of coke as a roly-poly was sniffed and the movement of groupies was continuo.Kee Marcello

In his biography "Kee Marcello - The Rock Star God forgot," the ex-guitarist of the band reveals all the details of the glory years of the group and then some.

There is sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll ad nauseum, is a biography of rock that could make or discover Ozzy Osbourne Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, and could only have been written by Kee Marcello, since it is the only Swedish has had the opportunity to live that life, and seize it.

It should have been his death, but survived. That lifestyle led him to be a simple question difficult.

"Live or die? That was the question, and decided to live. When I decided I had to accept the consequences."

That meant saying goodbye to cocaine and alcohol completely. He spent day after day and year after year to put up, until it hit bottom.

"He had terrible anxiety attacks, tachycardia, the lows of cocaine.'s All a little fuzzy. I isolated a week, I kept it to myself, and I felt better. I could not justify to others the mess that I had become. I tried to hide these abuses.

The day after it suffers a strong and unwarranted depression combined with anxiety attacks. Everything is black and you can not live with it, but when you have within you, everything is perfect. Over time, the lows are getting tougher. "

Part of his therapy was completely immersed in their work, especially in his 1995 album "Shine On". Also his current wife, Pia, whom he met and clean in a television program when promoted the aforementioned album, has been a great support for the musician.

Kee was in Europe between 1986 and 1992, making almost complete tour of the hit album "The Final Countdown", and recorded two LPs with the band, "Out Of This World" and "Prisoners In Paradise", and performing their respective tours to the group disbanded in 1992. classically trained group, Ian Haugland on drums, keyboardist Mic Michaeli, John Leven bassist, guitarist John Norum and Joey Tempest singer, met for a special concert on December 31 1999 in which also participated Marcello, thereby sowing the seeds for the subsequent meeting.

The Final Countdown "reached number 1 in 26 countries selling single of the title track 8 million copies.

The tour with Def Leppard was seen by more than half a million people culminating in the English of Milton Keynes festival in front of 65,000 spectators.

Years ago, Kee Marcello EUROPE Kjell Hilding Löfbom had been at his home in Umeå.

Not only was music, too, had sex, groupies group came to the rooms, the service was complete. In an anecdote from the book, Kee opened the door of his room and finds a woman waiting practically naked.

"He should fix a promoter. There is something to be proud, but there were five kids from 20 years who were served everything on a silver platter, there is nothing more flattering. Groupies were everywhere, like finding out not where we lived. we tried to keep it a secret but we always were.
Of course we also had cocaine, lots of cocaine and alcohol rivers.

"When I was in Los Angeles, I got up, looking for something to eat and a shake, and after early-morning beer. Then there were four lines of coke with which I started up and was gradually increasing."

Another scene from the book describes Kee at a party. TOTO guitarist Steve Lukather calls you and puts a fat stripe as a Swiss roll and long as the power vacuum, after which each begins to suck on one side.

"I bought cocaine to the person who supplied drugs to celebrities in Los Angeles. They were the 80 and was in Hollywood, cocaine was like an appetizer, everyone took."

Marcello The book begins with waking up in a location completely unknown, but after four lines of coke, half a glass of Johnnie Walker, a joint, two stripes, a vomit, another glass of whiskey, more stripes and several fainting, get up without know how long you've been there in a sink, put another four lines and suffers a heart attack.

An incident like this would have been missed by a joke, but my heart stopped, I fainted and nearly died. "

It was not until his return to Sweden when he realized he had gone astray.

"I realized that I had problems and had to do something.'s All over, the Nirvana grunge with the new music head was the leader, and that made me feel that my time had been left behind. I looked like a relic of past time, which made me snort more. "

With the approach of the new millennium, the billionaire Jan Stenbeck EUROPE wanted to see on stage in Stockholm that will perform two songs, "Rock the Night", and on reaching the 12 "The Final Countdown".

"He called Thomas Johansson, head of EMA Telstar (now Live Nation), and told him his plan. Johansson EUROPE obviously told him that no longer existed and that it was going to cost money. Stenbäck asked how much money was needed, asking Johansson one million, and accessing Stenbäck payment. "

The concert, attended by more than one million people, was a success, so the next step was clear, to reactivate the group, touring and recording a new album. Grunge had long gone and was the perfect time.

To cut a long story. The promise of a band with six members, which included both guitarists, Marcello and Norum, was broken. EUROPE's manager Peter H. Lundén announced in a brief and Kee Marcello was cold outside the group.

A day after receiving the message, Kee fainted.

It was a seizure but the symptoms were identical. An ambulance took him to the emergency room and spent the night in the hospital.

"Nobody in the group, I called, wrote or sent me a message, and certainly not talked to me in the face. They were incredibly vile and cowardly. In the world of music should not pass those things, you have endured and sweated in a local test to make music together, it can not happen that way. Since then, no member of the group has spoken to me. "
When he joined the group, Kee Marcello bought the ex-guitarist John Norum its part of the name of one million Swedish crowns (just over 100,000 euros), making it obvious that he has a fifth of the brand and has EUROPE contracts to prove it. However, it has not received a penny in royalties since 1993. 18 years of lost revenue.

For this reason, has sued his ex - colleagues asking for the benefits owed ​​all this time.

"We try to reach an agreement, a million euros, but did not respond, so we took him to court.

It's about money, but also to have some influence on the decisions made under the name EUROPE.

They travel around the world pretending that I've never been in the band, but I have brought something special. There is some good video footage with multiple cameras of the fantastic concerts we did, things I want to go out on DVD, but it is not interested in the EUROPE today considering that John Norum not receive money. I'm not interested in being part of Europe today, luckily for them, have taken their music in a totally different direction, but I am interested in being part of the phenomenon.

It can not work well. The right thing would distribute the money he has earned five. When I receive my fifth, the remaining members can pay the salary of John Norum of their respective parties. "

Now I've written a book about my life and I put the cards on the table.

I knew I wanted to, had a story that deserved to be told. I will soon release a record made ​​by the best of my past recorded again, songs and EASY ACTION EUROPE with some current compositions. As the book is a way to recover my past. "

I had no doubt tell all, if you do have to do it, and it has been nice. As a catharsis, a cleansing of the soul, avoid being deceived and deceiving others. True, I got up there, but now I am clean and this is what happened. It has been great for me to write these lines and keep going. "

The book was written in collaboration with the Swedish journalist Stefan Johansson.

We've known for many years, it was he who told me to accept when I was called in 1986 EUROPE. "

For its part, the group's management has issued the following statement on the band's forum:

"To clarify recent statements made ​​by Kee Marcello and printed in the Swedish press, we announce that we have not received any demand and we have no knowledge that there is no lawsuit against the group."

Finally, Marcello has issued the following statement on his Facebook page:

"There has been a constant discussion forum EUROPE during the last days. Mine is an interview published by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. In it, it really is about my life, just never made ​​it clear that EUROPE bought me my part of the name when they decided to meet with John Norum on guitar.--
All rights acquired Norum in 1987 when I joined, so the recovery, we must reach an agreement. However, EUROPE and its management have had no further interest in having such a talk with me and my management about it. After two days of discussion among fans, the manager of EUROPE post suddenly closed preventing the fans continue to leave their opinions. Why? This new post is the answer to my manager Gerry Helders. CHEERS/ Kee ,

In that post, someone who calls herself Sweet Love Child, has written on behalf of manager Gerry Helders Kee Marcello TMS Management:

"Why close the discussion on Kee Marcello?

What is wrong when fans discuss who is right? I think the manager of EUROPE is a coward and has real panic that this case proceed.

EUROPE's manager said in the case of Kee Marcello: Kee Marcello

'To clarify recent statements made by Kee Marcello and printed in the Swedish press, we announce that we have not received any demand and we have no knowledge that there is no lawsuit against the group.'

This is lying to fans of EUROPE.

The management knows that group Kee Marcello tried to take legal action in recent years. Members know that Kee Marcello EUROPE has a contract that says that owns 20% of the rights of EUROPE. What is the problem of EUROPE? Devolvedle their rights and there is no The truth is that Kee Marcello has never received royalties for the topics he wrote for EUROPE, or record sales, or interpretations of his songs in public, or concerts, and this since 1993. Revenues have gone directly to members of EUROPE, otherwise than through the publishing and recordings have been diverted to tax havens located in four different countries.

A little less than a month, I sent a note to the management of EUROPE and gave them a last chance to reach an agreement, warning that if it did not happen, I would sue. I have not even received a response, and the last time I spoke with told me that he was not authorized to talk to me.

I think it's time to sit down and reach an agreement, but if Europe and its management does not want there to sue. It appears that both are trying to stick your head in the sand as far as this matter is concerned.

After all, should be very grateful EUROPE (Kee is) all the fans who have been there from the beginning. Without them, the band could not survive so I think it's terrible what you did in this forum in this regard. Kee Marcello wants his fans, and many got on stage with EUROPE. The band can not silence the fans of both artists, Kee Marcello has been a part of EUROPE and nobody can deny, not even the group. This case will the fans and the general public, and I think it was something stupid they did EUROPE and manager in 2004. "


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