Hola a todos los usuarios que nos visitan los doy la bienvenida a este sitio, nuestro objetivo es hacer que EUROPE la banda sueca de hard rock venga a tocar a nuestro país. Por lo que les agradeseria su cooperacíon para que este sueño se haga realidad

ATTE: Hikari Norum

lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

Takida and Europe rocked Gutavallen

Prior to approximately 3500 people did Europe on Monday evening, his first appearance Gotland ever since the 2011 camping tour took Gutavallen.

Last summer was the Status Quo, which was towing the patch when the organizers came down tent pegs in Visby. This year, it is a tour package with three bands, in addition to Europe, the Danish electro-rockers in the Carpark North and Track listeners favorite bands, Takida.

During the evening, the mood is expectant of the mixed audience. Circus Square outside Gutavallen is full of free listening, people who choose to get their dose of rock from the outside.

Takida makes a dull and monotonous concert, but the devotees seem to like it. Say this: it shows that Europe is the main act.

The time 21:20 occupies Joey Tempest and C: o Europe scene and just like in the tour premiere in Gothenburg last week, they start with the title track from latest album, Last Look at Eden. Guitarist John Norum shows in the first song that it will be an interesting evening in the tent.

In the middle of the second song Superstitious is power, so there will be acoustic sing-along. But it dissolves, however, and the tape drive on electricity.

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