Hola a todos los usuarios que nos visitan los doy la bienvenida a este sitio, nuestro objetivo es hacer que EUROPE la banda sueca de hard rock venga a tocar a nuestro país. Por lo que les agradeseria su cooperacíon para que este sueño se haga realidad

ATTE: Hikari Norum

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

John Fogerty and Europe to Døgnvill

Front figure from Creedence Clearwater Revival and Europe, a legend from the 80s will Døgnvill!

Front figure from Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty, the big name on this year's Døgnvill. 3. September is the man who wrote and sang all the known CCR-tunes at Valhalla. "Proud Mary," "Born on the Bayou," "Up Around the Bend" and "Who'll Stop the Rain".

And that it was NOK: Fogerty is very much up and running as a solo performer. His latest album, "Center Field" is unmistakable in swamprockstilen that Fogerty has created. Festival Hogne Rundberg is ecstatic over the great book no:
-What can one say about John Fogerthy? For a man and musician! Right from the Creedence Clearwater Revival-era and until today he has delivered hit beads on a conveyor belt for over 40 years. Most have a relationship with his music and as a band musician, I look and often got the usual question every band gets in the course of his career: "Can docks Nokka with Creedence?, Says Round Rock. And adds:
-It is possible to shepherd while for all music-lovers in Northern Norway of NOK a legend on Døgnvill program!

And that it was NOK, release a legend from the 80s to the Døgnvill same night as Fogerty plays, Saturday: none other than Swedish Europe, the original lineup.
-It is amazing to hear live in Europe Døgnvill. It is not to walk away under a chair that I have a penchant for melodic hair-metal from the lovely 80-century. And when the "Final Countdown" and my personal favorite
"Superstitious" pounding out Valhalla will be sung by the full neck! If you manage to sing so loud, says Hogne Rundberg.

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