Hola a todos los usuarios que nos visitan los doy la bienvenida a este sitio, nuestro objetivo es hacer que EUROPE la banda sueca de hard rock venga a tocar a nuestro país. Por lo que les agradeseria su cooperacíon para que este sueño se haga realidad

ATTE: Hikari Norum

domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

"Northern Norwegian" Europe on Døgnvill

Europe Northerner hope to spend more time in Northern - This is like coming home!

Europe guitarist John Norum was nearly euphoric when he arrived in Tromso on Saturday.

- The air is so pure, and it is so beautiful. Ian - we will not get us a fishing boat and adding there, he asks drummer Ian Haugland.

From North Norway

Norum was born in Vardo and Haugland lived his first months in Storslett. They both have relatives in northern Norway.

- I spent many summers in Storslett, but unfortunately it is a while since I was there now, says Ian Haugland.

Both he and colleague Norum admit they have a longing to the north.

- I have not felt less fatigued in a month, says Norum and overlook the Tromsø.

First time in Tromsø

When the popular Swedes are on Døgnvill scene, is the first time Europe plays in Tromsø.

- But I remember very well when we played in Lakselv a few years ago. It was very special. In the backstage area, we went the reindeer, says Norum.

With the super hit "The final countdown" in 1986, Europe known all over the world. John Norum has been involved from the start, while Ian Haugland came some years later. The band had a break from 1992 - 2003, and continued touring internationally.

- Now is the tournament top after Døgnvill. We are in the studio and record a new album to be released next year.

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