Hola a todos los usuarios que nos visitan los doy la bienvenida a este sitio, nuestro objetivo es hacer que EUROPE la banda sueca de hard rock venga a tocar a nuestro país. Por lo que les agradeseria su cooperacíon para que este sueño se haga realidad

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lunes, 4 de junio de 2012


Welcome again to this site dedicated to EUROPE, this amazing Hard rock band as you know they´ll be on tour for their new albúm Bag of Bones .
I hope that you enjoy this interview that Stefan Hoidn did to Joey and John:

At the recently conducted promotional tour for the release of their new album Bag of Bones, which was presented by Radio Bob was offered us a personal interview with the band, which I did not take of course. So I found myself one afternoon in the elegant atmosphere of the Schlosshotel Kronberg, John and Joey to make a couple of questions. After a short, traffic-related, delay the two met in a good mood in the hotel bar. The serenity and friendliness of the two made ​​it very easy and I did pass the 15 minutes fly by.

FFM-Rock: Hello and thank you that you take the time for a short interview.

Joey: Hey, thanks for your visit, we like to meet with people who help us to spread our message to the world Europe in the world.

FFM-Rock: OK, you are now almost 30 years of success in business.

 Joey: We are grown up, so to speak.

FFM-Rock: I was surprised by the new album very much, because it has the classic sound that was current in the 70s and early 80s. Can you give me reasons why you have just now an old school produced album?

Joey: It just happened. We have long been on tour and if you lot are touring, you come to a point at which were probably the bands in the 70s also arrived at some point, you go into the studio, you give your best and you take those deep impressions, what rock n roll, means everything you record during this long tour stage with. This is a feeling that you erwirbst you. It was the first time that Europe is a book of this kind have produced, it has opened a new dimension. This is a warm 70's sound it really happened just like that.

FFM-Rock: So that was planned in any way?

Joey: Not really the first song that was written for the new album was, "Doghouse" and gave the direction in front somehow to make a blues-and soul-oriented album to show people that we bring something extraordinary existence can.

FFM-Rock: Is that a reason why the album is not "typical Scandinavian" sound? There was a time when all the bands wanted to somehow sound like Stratovarius.

John (with a bored tone): Stratovaaaarius.

Joey: Yes, yes we clearly wanted to go our own way and try to make something new in order to really have fun.

FFM-Rock: Did the influence on the selection of your producer Kevin Shirley?

John: I do not know, I just love his sound, he's a great sound man. He also expressed the sound for Black Country Communion and that made me aware of him and led me to what he had done previously noted in detail. Joe Bonamassa has, I believe, produced 10 albums with Shirley and I may sound very Bonamassa. It is very natural and warm. He has worked with high tech does not really care much.

FFM-Rock: So he focuses more on the basics?

John: exactly old school style!

Joey: He has taken care of, especially that we feel comfortable, we had a great time with him in the studio.

FFM-Rock: Was working with him also the trigger for that Joe Bonamassa has recorded a solo on BOB?

Joey: Of course. Kevin knows him very well. He called to him: Will you play in the new Europe album? He only: Yeaaaahhhhhhh!

John: He played ever a guest at a concert and I just reversed even played as a guest on one of his concerts, one song each and also we are also labelmates and we therefore know quite a few years. He is a great guitarist.

Joey: He's brilliant slide guitar.

John: I have no idea how he does it slide guitar playing on an acoustic guitar that I've never done before, at least not before the album today and then.

FFM-Rock: Was this a new challenge for you?

John: Oh yeah, I was never interested in slide guitar. I'm not a big fan of. I prefer using my fingers. Since Joe is perfectly in there, so it was for the song of choice. He had, along with 120 other guitarists to play with us and he got the job. (General laughter)

FFM-Rock: How did the collaboration with Anton Fig, who has recorded the percussion parts?

Joey: Yeah, we recorded the album in a month and had a little time left. We told Kevin that we are in one or another song like percussion were, afterwards, he told us that he would know the great types, it was Anton Fig and we remembered that we get behind in a David Letterman show this guy the Drums had seen put down a huge show of a great drummer. We were happy that he has contributed a part of the album. He played with for a lot of songs Bonamassa, with a tremendous feeling, so that was a good thing.

FFM-Rock: How did the pictures from? I have the impression that the album has incredibly lifelike sound, unlike so many other studio albums.

John: It's live, we were all in the same room, equipped with headphones, as has been practiced really in the 60s and 70s. Only problem was that I had a technical defect. The headphones were each equipped with a controller, which you could adjust the volume. Somehow there was power on it, so I got every time a wipe.

Joey: it has woken up, you've played a lot better afterwards.

FFM-Rock: Was it good Für'n blood pressure, right?

John: Yeah.

Joey: that it has chickened out in the brain.

John: Actually, the things made ​​of plastic because it's not a problem. You should just not touch the metal on the outside, but sometimes we forget that and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Joey: so came about the solo for Riches To Rags.

John: it has brought fire in my game that you can hear on the album. (Gelächter!!)

Joey: 3 or 4 solos have been taken directly from the live recordings. We have made ​​generally 3 or 4 shots of each song and each take fully discussed later. There were only a few overdubs, and then the next song was it.

John: Of course it also happened that was more of a take the first half and 2 Take the other. We have then been assembled in order to get the best result. That's all very well these days ...... if I'm on the poor think Bob Rock, who together had to cut with scissors at the black album by Metallica's drum takes of Enter Sandman.

FFM-Rock: Was it not a big risk for you to change your style so drastically?

Joey: BOB was the most glaring change. We started virtually from scratch. We've always liked to surprise people. We always wanted to do our thing and have made ​​us not worry what others thought about it. Start From The Dark, for example, some liked it, others do not, it was literally the platform for us "to start from the dark". Last Look at Eden brought us a lot of young fans by the strong tour activities. By BOB We think we can win a lot of classic rock fans. Now we can bring a lot of people, it's like a journey where you take along different people at different stations.

FFM-Rock: one can say that you may lose some old fans, but for many new've won?

Joey: Maybe. Perhaps they are also somewhat confused at first, but if they heard anything more about the new songs, they may find it not so bad we must wait.

John: That has already been shown at "Start From The Dark" that many of the old fans did not like the album, but we believe that we need to come forward and also look forward to.

Joey: We want to come forward with everything, production, lyrics, song-writing everything. We would be particularly profound, especially in the texts. In the live shows we can give people what they want to hear the old stuff, that's perfectly fine.

John: Then we also play all the "hits".

FFM-Rock: A few years ago you have a live album, brought to market, "Live Look At Eden".

Joey: Oh yeah, that was 2010, it was, I think probably our first proper live album, after we had toured a lot. We loved it, the Last Look at Eden playing songs live.

FFM-Rock while "Rock the Night" have you played a short part of "Heaven And Hell".

Joey: Oh yes, we have played for Ronnie.

FM Rock: can you tell me something about your personal relationship with Ronnie James Dio?

Joey: I've met a few times, Ronnie, John knew him much better than me. I can remember him as very friendly and down to earth person who was also very nice to his fans. I can still remember very well that he wrote under an umbrella in the pouring rain a lot of autographs.

John: yes, yes, he was great, a very modest man, he had once asked me whether I would do with his shots, just a few months before he died. He said he had just written a song that would fit well with my style. We were in the process, we advise on a possible studio and a producer who could come into question, and a few months later, he was just not there anymore ... I was 10 years lived in Los Angeles and met him very often. He was also a big fan of ours we met him for the first time in Japan during the Final Countdown Tour 1986th I remember it was his birthday.

Joey: He had this great band with Jimmy Bain and Graig Goldy at this time.

John: He was one of the greatest singers of all time.

FFM-Rock: I can only confirm. I myself have had great experiences with Ronnie and a few years ago was allowed to make an interview with him. He was a superstar without the behavior to be hanging out of a superstar. I miss him dearly.

Joey: down to earth, as I said, this is a good thing.

FFM-Rock: OK, I think our interview time has elapsed, there is still something you want to tell your fans?

John: We hope to soon be able to come to Germany to tour and to take all the German fans. There are already booked some shows, Joey in, November?

Joey: Yes, in November, and some festivals in the summer.

FFM-Rock: including the Rock of Ages.

Joey: Yeah, exactly, that's really good. At the moment we are building a new relationship with Germany, which is a good feeling. It takes time, the people with whom we work together, do a great job, so I have a good feeling to reach the people here and also have a future here. We look forward to it. We are just about things like Rock am Ring and Rock Palace observed.

John: These are very important platforms, especially for the kids ... to show that all the time even in Sweden.

Joey: Oh yes, we said, we need to tour here, Gary Moore has always done, Michael Schenker and now we are also here, this relationship with the great fans here rebuild.

FFM-Rock: I think the odds might not be better for you, since the resonances turn out to your new album consistently great. Everybody that I've been talking love, the new album.

 John: We've always had the feeling of having a special relationship with Germany. I mean, my favorite guitarist is from Germany, Michael Schenker, I refer to as my greatest role model, the Scorpions, who accompany us since our youth
Joey: We saw a very long time. Def Leppard had support on this tour. I saw them in Stockholm, it was unbelievably great band.

John: Rudi we have to spend time and party made​​.

Joey: he had not paid the bill? Sorry Rudy, Let's pay it back sometime, I promise we have made it easy to sit back then with the bill.

John: I hope it was not so expensive.

FFM-Rock: O.K. People, once again many thanks for everything. All the best to you and see you later at the gig.
This performance, which took place in the context of the promotional tour in the green room of the palace hotels, and to which only about 150 fans were admitted who were in the lottery of Radio Bob won a ticket may be regarded as legendary. The ambience was perfect for the occasion chosen. The sound was sensational and the songs were perfectly arranged for the acoustic set. In this presentation showed both great skill, since it is well known that this kind of performances reveal every little mistake. That this was not the case demonstrates the enormous potential in the band plugged. We will inform you about the pending transfer of the concert at Radio Bob on time.


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